Little Beer Videos

Introductory Video

This video features the brewery itself, the equipment inside it, and then focuses on the different beers and beer styles that the brewery produce ... Including the reaction of some customers

Jim's Passion

This video looks at the different craft beers from around the world, that have inspired Jim and the beers he now makes

It's a Cooperative

This video goes into detail around the company structure that The Little Beer Corporation wants to evolve into and why it makes sense in a brewery that wants to build huge local focus and sell direct


Little Boileroom brew day


The making of 1917 - collaborative brew with Subsource

The making of Posh Grog - collaborative brew with The Salts

Real Ale of Britain reviews

Kevin Black of Real Ales of Britain, also kindly posted these video reviews of our Little Snug, Little Rosy, Little Haka and Little Slow ...


Here's a short video about our new premises and how the brewery will work