Partners in Crime

05 Feb 2013 BY Jim Taylor

Brewing Little Boileroom
Last weekend we brewed (with The Boileroom crew) a (hopefully biscuity, smooth, bright-hopped) Vienna lager called Little Boileroom, which is going to go on sale in The Boileroom from 9th March
On 9th March, we will also kick-off the first of 5 collaborations with artists ..... we will be co-brewing a beer at the brewery with the guys from well-known local band Subsource, and they will also be playing live in the brewery at the same time ..... This is what we're calling a Brew-day gig. The vibrations should infuse the beer with something special. And luckily its a Saturday or else we might disrupt work at Slyfield.
The beer from this brew with Subsource will be named / label designed / marketed with the band and go on sale normally via but only a couple of months afterwards obviously ie in May. And this brewing-then-beer-sold&marketed-two-months-later pattern, we will repeat across the year with different artists & bands
We are also looking into getting these music beers, sold via local supermarkets like M&S
It's all happening on the 9th .... that evening we will be having a PROPER EVENT at The Boileroom, where all the bands & artists will be playing across the evening ... Subsource, The Salts, Emma Stevens, Jay Carter from Newrising, Martha Paton, plus others .... Little Boileroom will go on sale, and it promises to be a really fun evening.