What's Brewing

Year 2013

Marketing via Sister Products

06 Feb 2013 by Jim Taylor

One form of marketing communication that may well be in its infancy, is what I call ‘Marketing via Sister Products’
Basically, it is where two products, that have a relationship of some sort, communicate via each other’s packaging and mutually help each other....
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Partners in Crime

05 Feb 2013 by Jim Taylor

Brewing Little Boileroom

Music and beer ….. forever the best of friends. Partners in crime. And in Guildford this coming year, they are going to get even closer. The Little Beer Corporation has teamed up with The Boileroom and emerging Guildford musicians to build an exciting partnership.
All of The Little Beer Corporation’s new beers this coming year will be linked to emerging musicians from Guildford and to The Boileroom as a local music venue.

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Beer & Music Articles

15 Jan 2013 by Jim Taylor

A couple of good articles have appeared in the local press about our beer & music partnership.

In particular, Rich Lee wrote a nice one for Guide to Surrey ... Read More »