The summer Beer Festival scene

25 Aug 2012 BY Jim Taylor

Dick pulling Little Haka at Egham Beer Festival
This summer we’ve dipped our toes in the local beer festival scene.


As the only brewery in Guildford itself, we were bound to be involved in the Guildford Cricket Club Beer Festival itself, which ran in early July at the Cricket ground in Guildford. And because our focus is on premium bottled beers for drinking at home – rather than supplying casks of beer - we rather worked with Chad Murrin, the festival organiser, to set up a small stall in one corner of the marquee, and where Jim displayed product, sampled product and of course sold quite a few bottles for those wishing to take some home after the event.

The highlight was meeting many of you, our Guildford consumers who love beer


We had a stall at the Woking Classic Car Fayre, also in early July. Although this was a big general fayre in Woking, the was good custom across the day & it showed us the potential for sales in farmers markets – which no doubt will be one way we choose to sell in the future.

Mid-August, we participated in the Egham Beer Festival, run by Egham United Services Club and the three musketeers – Bob Inman, Steve Clanford & Richard Griffin.

Steve in particular, drove this for us. About a month earlier he had co-brewed Little Haka with Jim, our 4.5% ABV Pacific Ale, and not unsurprisingly therefore, we supplied a cask of this beer to Egham festival – this becoming in effect our first cask beer sale.

As Jim had just come back from a trip to Australia, Dick (our Sales Director) represented The Little Beer Corporation and went along to chat to those attending the festival. He also took along some bottled beers and by all accounts, the Cask of Little Haka, and the Little Slow, Little Snug, and Little Wild, all sold quickly & were very much enjoyed by the guys there.

  Steve Clanford at Egham
Our bottles for sale at Egham
 Next up on the horizon

We’re planning to be at the following festivals later this year:

-          G live Beer Festival, Guildford, in September (will sell & sample bottle)

-          Woking Beer Festival in November (will sell Cask)

-          Scandinavian Fair in November

-          Secretts Christmas Fair in Milford