Feature in the Surrey Advertiser

03 May 2012 BY Jim Taylor

Image of Feature in the Surrey Advertiser

Big ideas brewing for the Little Beer Corporation

Is how the title went when we were featured in the Surrey Advertiser last week.

A NEW micro-brewery is being set up in Surrey, which will donate half of its profits to local charities.

The Little Beer Corporation will be the only one of its kind in the area, producing premium bottled beers. Every year up to 10 different varieties of beer and lager will be made at the Slyfield industrial estate in Guildford and sold directly to the consumer.

The business is the brainchild of Jim Taylor, who lives in Onslow Village. He was inspired to start his own brewery after working as a global marketer for SABMiller in Woking, one of the world’s largest brewers.

While it has started as a limited company, Mr Taylor will collect the names of those wishing to become members and it will transition into a co-operative in January.

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