Installing a new brewery

02 May 2012 BY Jim Taylor

Image of Installing a new brewery

The number of things you need to learn about and do when starting a new brewery are so many, it truly makes your mind boggle. But there are two areas which stand out as particularly difficult and which demand massive resilience.

The first area is, getting all the permissions and licenses necessary to brew. You probably need about 12 permissions; as well as two licenses – a premises license as well as a personal license, the latter requiring you to take and pass a course.

And the second area is, project managing the building of the brewery.  This means, getting the brewery building itself in the right shape, whilst also coordinating it with the installation of the Brew-house as well as tanks for Fermentation & Conditioning. In my case the stress of it really came because the suppliers installing the gear are very busy and so give you fixed windows for your brewery - you can’t move your installation slots because otherwise you effectively put back your installation for 3 or 4 months!  So I had to get all critical brewery building work done beforehand which in itself was a bit of a nightmare.

Here’s some pictures from the installation, to give you a flavour:

In this picture we were half-way through putting in a quarry-tile floor with special acid-resistant Kerapoxy grout, and with the initial box shell for the 2 rooms in place.

Having put in the floor & the 2 rooms, with a Mezzanine floor for storage above them, the photos below bear witness to a fairly historic day: installing the Brew-house  

Having got a brew-house, next priority was to start to feel house-proud. So in this photo below, we have just painted the walls & stencilled our brand pay-off line, onto it. 

And here is our logo, hand-painted on the wall. This involved shining the image onto the wall with a little lipro projector from work, then quickly tracing the image onto the wall!  

The final hurdle: a Vigo engineer called Mark, putting in my beautiful Speidel Fermentation & Conditioning tanks with chilling temperature control unit.