The Rake

26 Apr 2012 BY Jim Taylor

Image of The Rake

Well, last night me & my buddy Marc Smith, had a pretty big nite out at The Rake in Borough Market, London. The details are a little foggy but I remember drinking a lot … of good stuff: Anchor Bock, Anchor Liberty Ale, Honkers Ale; and even that we shared a big bottle of Saison beer from Victory.

We also got into various forms of criminal behaviour … larceny - stealing Rogue beer glasses; and even writing graffiti on the wall….

Not that the latter was actually a criminal behaviour. The wall at The Rake is covered in quotes and signatures from Breweries around the world. And they were kind enough to let me join this esteemed company.

I managed to get home in one piece and even cycle up the hill. Woke this morning, surprisingly without a hangover, but then the bad news hit me – my bike had been stolen. I think I locked it up round the back … but I can’t quite remember