What's Brewing

Year 2012

The summer Beer Festival scene

25 Aug 2012 by Jim Taylor

Dick pulling Little Haka at Egham Beer Festival

This summer we’ve dipped our toes in the local beer festival scene. Guildford As the only brewery in Guildford itself, we were bound to... Read More »

Going nano at the Guildford Beer Festival

09 Jul 2012 by Adrian Tierney-Jones

So come and open the Guildford Beer Festival I was asked and so I did and was snapped for the local journal, hair slicked back with nature’s Brylcreem, rain in other words. And before this I drank in a town I’d never been to before going on to enjoy the festival, which is now in its third year.. Read More »

Feature in the Surrey Advertiser

03 May 2012 by Jim Taylor

Image of Feature in the Surrey Advertiser

A NEW micro-brewery is being set up in Surrey, which will donate half of its profits to local charities.

The Little Beer Corporation will be the only one of its kind in the area, producing premium bottled beers. Every year up to 10 different varieties of beer and lager will be made at the Slyfield industrial estate in Guildford and sold directly to the consumer. Read More »

Installing a new brewery

02 May 2012 by Jim Taylor

Image of Installing a new brewery

The number of things you need to learn about and do when starting a new brewery are so many, it truly makes your mind boggle. But there are two... Read More »

Pilgrimage to Plzen

26 Apr 2012 by Jim Taylor

Image of Pilgrimage to Plzen

For the uninitiated, Plzen (or Pilsen) is a town in the Czech Republic, about an hour’s drive south-west of Prague. And its chief claim to... Read More »