Brewery Tours

Most people have been on a ‘standard brewery tour’ before …. Where you get guided round the ‘shiny metal’ learning how beer is brewed, and finishing off drinking some out of jugs at the end.

So here at the Little Beer Corporation, our brewery tours are a bit different.

We focus on beer styles of the world. We have 8 Core beers, 2 Seasonal beers & various Innovation beers, so we play to our strengths and try to take you on a guided palette tour of the beer styles of the world. In other words, we want to teach you about all the many beer styles of the world, and on our brewery tours you get to try 10 of our beers.  Many consumers like this; as more and more consumers are exposed to different craft beers, in pubs, supermarkets or specialist bottle stores - so their appreciation is heightened by an understanding of all the different styles of beer that are ‘out there’

The tours are pretty interactive. We play a couple of games …. And if Paul is running the tour, you even get to play ‘beer ping pong’.

Tours last 1 ¾ to 2 ½ hours and have between 10 to 20 people attending. The cost is £15, payable on arrival.

If you can put together your own group of over 10 people, then you can pretty much tell us what date you’d want to come on a Brewery tour. Otherwise, we amalgamate smaller groups on set days (normally a Wednesday evening at 6pm)



To book, please contact us on or 01483 497201, or use the booking form below