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1917 Imperial Pilsner


Yeast Story

A little rebellion is a good thing

1917 is living history in a bottle. It is, quite simply, a beer created around a very special yeast - this yeast was last used commercially in St Petersburg in 1917, just before the Tzar was shot. So fittingly, we approached local Guildford band Subsource - who are known for their revolutionary spirit - and together we brewed this beer - called 1917. Subsource were so inspired by this, that they've also gone on to produce a track called 1917, which you can download for free, using a QR code on the label

In any case, after all that, you might also be wondering what it tastes like? It has a clean taste, some maltiness, and for a 7.4% beer it is smooth and goes down remarkably easily. 


Member Reviews

Don't be scared by the high abv, this doesn't taste like a 7.4% beer but a Pilsner with plenty of flavour. A favourite amongst my workmates.
Neil Bancroft-Jones
Great! Rich, strong, fabulous, don't enjoy it too much, leave some for me!
darcy steels
Pilsner with flavour - fantastic. Great back story and a taste of history - one that won't disappoint!!
Kevin Blackburn
  • 7.4% ABV
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