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Little Snug


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Mr. Jones - Counting Crows
Crystal - New Order
Bang Bang - Squeeze
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Snuggle up to this beauty

An English Pale Ale brewed with the Pale, Wheat, Crystal and Biscuit malts, with the addition of sweet chestnuts in the mash

On a fine autumn’s evening, after kicking up the leaves on a long walk in the woods … this is the beer to come home to. Warm, full-bodied, mellow, with fruit and biscuit flavours in the centre and a little smokiness on the edge. It has a honey colour & the fresh aroma of hay and earthy hops. Highly quaffable.


NB Little Snug has been reviewed by Kevin Black, Real Ale of Britain, on YouTube (10 out of 10!) :


Member Reviews

Warming, refreshing, comforting, and full of character - a far cry from the cans of light ale I remember my Dad drinking bad in the bad old days of the 1970s!
Kevin Blackburn
Loved this beer. Great flavour with a lovely warm, rich taste. Can see this becoming a favourite of mine!
Dave Palmer
A lovely autumn ale that is perfect on a chilled evening. A beautiful nuttiness saturates the beer leaving a pleasant after taste and an inner warmth.
Stewart Cumming
yummy, a proper winter warmer that will be great with roast or stinky cheese.
Laura Caines
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  • 5.4% ABV
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Character on the label

Matthew Howells, Client Service Director of Livewire London. Just like this beer, Matthew is warm, affable, charming … and someone, his wife tells us, who’s nice to snuggle up to