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Little Rosy


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Rox In The Box - The Decemberists
Powderfinger - Neil Young
Yello Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
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Here's to rosy sunsets and a rosy outlook, with a beer to match

A raspberry wheat beer that has whole raspberries from my Dad’s allotment added during secondary fermentation.

A rosy coloured beer that is a masterpiece in balance, deceptively combining sweet raspberry aromatics with firm bitter taste. Light, fresh, with racy, thirst-quenching acidity.

Also reviewed by Kevin Black of Real Ale of Britain, here's the email that Kevin sent me, with a link to the video:

"I just reviewed your Little Rosy.  This is unreal and I mean that. This beer would win prizes. Wow, wow, wow. Put it in 750ml bottles and sell it in restaurants. This would take off. Sorry to be going off on one but this beer is AMAZING." 

Here's the link to the video

Member Reviews

Lovely wheat beer that just has a fruity flavour without an extreme hit of raspberries. Very interesting. Wonder if there are other fruits that might also lend themselves to this treatment?
Kevin Blackburn
  • 5.0% ABV
  • Filtered

Drink it with

Salads, chocolate mud cake, crème brulee

Character on the label

Ann Wixley, a mate from South Africa who I’ve known and worked with since 2001. Ann is perfectly suited to this beer … bright, fresh, hugely creative, and individual … known for her red hair, red lipstick and smoking cigars!