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Little Harvest


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Scarlet Town - Gillian Welch
Harvest - Neil Young
Sheets - Damien Jurado
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After days of toil, taste the joy of your reaping

Bocks are a bit of a secret to us Brits … but they really suit our palate. The beer is wonderfully malty: packed with caramelish, toasty, bready flavours. But it carries its weight gracefully, is highly drinkable and incredibly smooth - based on cold lagering for weeks on end

Member Reviews

My favourite Little Beer. A robust flavour that doesn't overpower. Wonderful colour.
Neil Bancroft-Jones
There are good beers and then there are great beers. Without doubt this little gem falls into the latter.
Ricky McSeveney
Quite simply probably the finest beer i have ever tasted! Enough said.
mark jones
Bottled decadence. I want to give 1/5 purely so no one buys any and I can drink it all!
Farrel Frier
  • 6.8% ABV
  • Filtered

Drink it with

Any darker meat – venison, duck, or the like. The sweetness in this beer will also set off pork. And it’s my perfect accompaniment for a lovely Sunday roast

Character on the label

Ali & Trevor – friends of mine, and, in Ali’s case, also a highly experienced micro-biologist & yeast expert