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Little Haka


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Fine Time - New Order
Duncan - Paul Simon
Contact - Thirteen Senses
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Dances around your tongue, then lands you a good punch

A light bodied, flavourful thirst quenching Ale, brewed with delectable Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy hops from ‘down-under’ to give a lovely passionfruit & gooseberry aroma. Will have you doing the Haka in no time.


NB Little Haka has been reviewed by Kevin Black, Real Ale of Britain, on YouTube:



Member Reviews

In the lovely onslow arms. This beer is awesome on tap. Bang up my strasse!!!
Chris Laws
Such a drinkable beer, with great character and so refreshing.
Kevin Blackburn
Definatly a quaffer! a lovely light ale that would be perfect on a summers evening.
Stewart Cumming
  • 3.5% ABV
  • Filtered

Drink it with

Try this beer with grilled salmon and shrimp, Indian vindaloos, Jamaican jerk chicken or Cajun-blackened chicken

Character on the label

Paul Hutcheon.... Paul is famous around these parts for his amazing hair. He does local sales for us so is the guy to thank if you find Little Haka in your local.