Interested in becoming a Shareholder?


The company is a Limited Company, but is structured such that it also adopts the Cooperative principle of one person, one vote, when it comes to setting company direction.

We have created two tiers of shares. Firstly, Ordinary class A shares – with Jim, and his wife being the principle shareholders here: So, a few people with lots of shares. Second, Ordinary class B shares, with currently about 170 shareholders here: A lot of people, each with a few shares.

Ordinary class B shareholders have exactly 5 shares each, costing £2 per share.

Class A shareholders run the business operationally. But Class B shareholders get to set the strategic direction of the company, at shareholder meetings, each with an equal say over things (one person one vote).

This opening up of the brewery to lots of shareholders, isn’t just all serious. It has also created a ‘club’ of people who love beer, and who get together every few months and have fun – with tasting events etc.

So if you’re interested in signing up as a Class B shareholder next January, put your name down. There are no costs now, and it’ll cost about £10 when it happens.

However, the benefits are immediate and are as follows ….

The benefits are these:

Organise a beer & food evening

If you’d like us to create a very special evening for you where we match beer to food, please contact us. We’ll work with you to develop the menu, we’ll cook the food (Jim’s wife Ali, is a trained chef), and of course we will create the beer

Shareholder area – rate beers / suggest new beers

As a shareholder, we’d like you to rate our beers and share this with other members. We’d also like to hear your suggestions on potential future beers that we could make as a brewery .. what would you like us to make? A pumpkin ale? A barley wine? Let us know!

Become involved in the running of the brewery

The more of our beers that you drink, the more you may feel like you’d like to truly get involved with the brewery. So what are you waiting for? As a Class B shareholder, you’ll be entitled to come along to our meetings and have a say in how the brewery is run. 

If you’re interested, click on the link below and put your name down. Next January we will re-contact you to confirm you still want to join as well as to collect the nominal monies owed.

You will of course immediately be able to access the Shareholder Area of this website and take advantage of these benefits

To become a future shareholder, click here

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