Our Beliefs

  1. As a brewery, we aim to inspire consumers to ‘Act Little’ and as a consequence, be bigger and live bigger lives. By ‘Act Little’, we mean:
    a. Cherish where you live. In our case, we support Guildford - it is our city and a great place to live. There is local participation in everything the brewery does. Our labels have real ordinary people from Guildford on them.
    b. Be Human
    c. Be Humble
    d. Be Understated
    e. Be Honest
    f. Be Creative
    g. Live a life that is fulfilling
  2. All of this is captured in our Manifesto
  3. As a natural extension of all this, we are building a local community of beer lovers.
    1. One way we are doing this, is through our ownership. Over and above Jim, we are owned by around 300 local shareholders; our labels all feature shareholders on them. We also welcome on board new shareholders each January.
    2. Another way we are doing this, is through the events we run at the brewery – and in particular through the Little Drinking Club (see Events pages for more details)
  4. We also believe in creating a different brewery model. There’s simply too many micro-breweries out there, doing the same thing. In this regard:
    1. Every January, we invite new shareholders on board to help define the direction of the company. We believe that by opening up the business a little, we will get a lot more back. It’s all about building emotional ownership with our customers, and a key way of doing this is to let you have a say in the direction of the business.  
    2. We aim to produce some of the best artisan beers in the world; in a manner that brings passion, learning and fun to the fore. For this reason we’ve built a purposefully small brewery, focused on quality, variety and creativity. We brew small batches of a large variety of beers that we lay down and mature in multiple conditioning vessels, for relatively long periods of time. We experiment, learn and evolve, perfect. It means our beers taste better. It also means that our brewery looks different - more like a kitchen and less like a factory
    3. We refuse to get trapped in a low-margin rut, producing big volumes of a small range of session beers for pubs. We rather create adventurous, esoteric, unique beers, and in a way that keeps passion, learning and fun alive.
    4. We look to keep learning, keep getting better, measuring ourselves against the best artisan brewers in the world, in Belgium, the US, Germany or elsewhere.
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