• To all those, stuck on the 7h17, stuck in high-flying careers, stuck in a rut
  • To all those that still have a passion, a need to create and express
  • To all those whose souls have been locked away for far too long

Do as we do! Downsize your life.

  • ViolinDitch the successful City career and pursue a creative passion instead.
  • PipeThrow off that relentless pressure. Say ‘enough is enough’.
  • AppleRe-construct yourself. Pursue – as Steve Jobs would say - the insanely great.
  • CheeseGo and renovate that house in Italy; become a painter; start a restaurant; become a famous cheese-maker.

Downsize, but have a bigger life

Lead a more interesting life; a life with variety, stronger flavours and more depth.  - Lead a life that will make you smile more.  

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Do what your heart & soul truly want to do.

And drink a Little Beer