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Welcome to The Little Beer Corporation.

We are the Guildford micro-brewery, and we brew and sell premium craft beer. As a brewery, our business is based on certain beliefs.

To buy some of our gorgeous beers on this website, and have it delivered to your door, please register first.
Our brewery is located at Bldg 3, 14-15 Midleton Road, Guildford GU2 8XW. If you’d rather come to the brewery to buy your beer, we have a shop and it is open Monday-Friday 9am - 3pm and every Saturday 9am - 1pm.
We also offer Brewery tours for £10 a head. Many people have been on brewery tours before, and usually these follow the same formula: 'here's a lot of shiney metal, here's the brewing process, and now here's a few jugs of 4% beer'. So with our brewery tours we try to do them a bit differently, and - because we brew many styles of beer ourselves - we focus on beer styles of the world. We let you try 9 different beers, whilst discussing the different styles, and it's generally pretty interactive and fun. Our Sales Manager Paul, runs them, and if you ask he'll even do beer ping-pong.
Tours tend to run on either a Wednesday or a Friday evening from 6pm. If you have a party of 12 - 20 people we will happily try to accomodate your preffered day, for smaller parties we will work with you to find a tour date that suits you. Please get in touch following this link for more information on brewery tours. 

Dear all

For the last two years, we’ve run Open Days in May and they’ve been hugely successful, with huge numbers of visitors to the brewery. So now, many people are asking us: “When are you having your Open Day this year?”

And after a lot of deliberation we’ve decided that we can’t do one this year. At the moment, we’re expanding capacity, and putting in new tanks, new processes etc, and in truth, we’re all utterly exhausted and working really long hours. Open Days are huge amounts of work for us and we just cannot accommodate it this year. We’re really, really sorry, because we know how much it was enjoyed – particularly with last year’s Open Day when we had well over 1000 people attending. Thanks for your understanding & we hope to have one again in 2018.